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Sand Institute is here to help your Cosmetic, Antiaging and Health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I consider anti-aging treatments?

Aging can begin having a negative effect on different people at different points in their lives. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of aging, you should schedule a consultation.

Why should I consider anti-aging medicine?

At the Sand Institute, we take a comprehensive approach to your health and well-being. Anti-aging medicine may be what you need to identify the source of your unhappiness and provide you with options for treatment.

Program Options

  • IV Therapy

    IV Therapy

    • IV therapy is designed to deliver the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs directly to the source.
    • It is the ideal treatment for patients with chronic fatigue, joint pain, and headaches.
    • Low nutrient levels have been linked with mental and emotional fatigue as well as physical issues.
    • IV treatments can help boost your health and invigorate your lifestyle.


    • Provides direct nutrition for better vitamin and mineral absorption
    • Introduces increased hydration to your system
    • Helps the body to detox
    • Treats pain caused by cellular apoptosis, oxidative stress, or systemic inflammation
  • Hormone Therapy (Women)

    Hormone Therapy (Women)

    • Hormone therapy for women treats the female sexual issues, fatigue, and weight gain associated with hormone imbalances attributed to aging.
    • Hormones are responsible for regulating critical functions in the body.
    • Bioidentical hormones are safe and effective for treating the common issues associated with these imbalances.

    Bioidentical Hormone Options

    • DHEA – Begins to naturally decline around age 30. It has been found useful in treating obesity, osteoporosis, fatigue, and autoimmune disorders.
    • Progesterone – Helps regulate sleep and brain function. Used to improve mood swings, memory impairment, and poor sleep.
    • Testosterone – Necessary for women in small amounts to help maintain weight and stimulate sex drive.
    • Estrogen – Regulates sexual and reproductive development. Helps prevent premature aging in women.
  • Hormone Therapy (Men)

    Hormone Therapy (Men)

    • Hormone therapy for men treats the male sexual issues, fatigue, and weight gain associated with hormone imbalances attributed to aging.
    • Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for regulating critical functions in the male body.
    • Bioidentical testosterone is safe and effective for treating common issues associated with this hormone imbalance.

    Symptoms of Low Testosterone

    • Low sex drive
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Fatigue
    • Weakness
    • Depression
    • Trouble sleeping
  • Cosmetic Procedures

    Cosmetic Procedures

    • Eyelid rejuvenation lifts the eyelids, removes excess skin, and eliminates bags from underneath the eyes.
    • BOTOX® Cosmetic reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, neck bands, and fine lines around the mouth.
    • Dermal fillers refill the lost volume in the face from aging.
    • KYBELLA® treats submental fat that causes a double chin.
    • Ultherapy® lifts the eyelids and tightens sagging neck and jawline skin.


    • Restores a smoother and more youthful facial appearance
    • Both surgical and non-surgical options allow you to tailor treatments to your needs
    • Routine or long-lasting treatments can give you the dramatic results you desire
  • Diet Programs

    Diet Programs

    • Our diet plans are created specifically for rejuvenation and longevity as well as meeting any weight loss needs.
    • We ensure that your weight management program includes the necessary nutrients to avoid fatigue and other health issues.
    • We offer a variety of diets that can be customized depending on your health needs.


    • Healthy aging, healthy mitochondria, increase in circulating blood stem cells, stronger bones, control conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes, decrease inflammatory blood markers
    • Professional oversight ensures that your anti-aging program management is healthy.

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Sand Institute is here to help your Cosmetic, Antiaging and Health goals.
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