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Anti-Aging Can Start at Home

Posted on: September 15, 2016 in Category: Wellness Guide

Anti-Aging Can Start at Home

anti aging can start at homeLooking young and feeling young go hand in hand. When it comes to your energy levels and the way people perceive you, your actual age has little to do with anything. Anti-aging therapy can’t turn back time, but it can help you achieve a naturally younger looking appearance while enhancing your energy levels, your true age will stay the same, looking younger and feeling younger are still on the menu.

Anti-aging therapy takes advantage of strategies like bioidentical hormone replacement, which restores fluctuating hormone levels to a more stable state, preventing the sharp declines in hormones like estrogen and testosterone which are one of the leading causes of changes in energy, mood and weight level. Anti-aging therapy also addresses other factors in your life that could be causing a less than ideal aging experience, including environmental and lifestyle factors like heightened sun exposure, tobacco use or increased stress levels.

But there are also steps that you can take at home, beyond what you do with your anti-aging doctor, to promote a healthier and younger looking appearance. Your anti-aging program will work from the inside-out, helping you to feel healthier, giving you the perfect chance to start focusing on the outside-in, starting with your skin care routine.

Here are a few strategies to help you achieve healthier and younger looking skin:

  • Moisturize the moment you get out of the shower, especially during the winter months when the cold air is particularly harmful in drying out your skin.
  • Use make-up that has an SPF in it to help prevent sun damage day to day. Make sure to wear a more substantial SPF if you are going to be out in the sun for a longer period of time.
  • Wash your face with an oil-free face wash, and make sure that you are exfoliating properly.

Taking care of your skin is the one of the best anti-aging therapies that you can do at home, but simply using a moisturizer isn’t going to replace the comprehensive anti-aging therapies that you can get by working with your doctor. When you start in an anti-aging program, you’ll receive ongoing guidance and support tailored to your lifestyle, helping you to target your exact needs to improve your quality of life.

Being old is completely subjective. Age happens, but you don’t need to let a number control how you look or feel. You can get started with these healthy anti-aging home care tips right away, and talk to your anti-aging doctor about the best therapies available for your needs.

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