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What Are Cellular Medicine and Peptide Therapies?

Posted on: February 26, 2021 in Category: Anti-Aging Program, Cellular Medicine, Peptide Therapy

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What is “cellular medicine,” and how do peptide therapies at the Sand Institute prevent, treat, and rescue people from accelerated aging, weight gain, and type 2- diabetes?

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Cellular medicine and peptide therapy not only do the above, but they also improve lean muscle mass to improve athletic performance, axial balance, and hip and knee strength to combat osteoporosis and, in particular, osteopenia.

It’s interesting that simply building muscle with peptide therapy and a very simple at-home exercise program will PREVENT and CURE people with type-2 diabetes and excessive weight gain.

This concept is truly remarkable. Simply making every cell in the body more efficient and healthier will prevent weight gain and type-2 diabetes.

This is why diets don’t actually work in the long term! 

Starving oneself makes every cell in the body sicker and highly inefficient. This is the sole reason diets aren’t keeping the weight off over the long term.

Cellular medicine encompasses cellular biochemistry and cellular DNA translation and transcription. When a pharmaceutical or biotech company creates drugs to treat diseases like COVID-19 or diabetes and obesity, the drugs created work at the “cellular level,” specifically on highly disrupted enzymatic and biochemical pathways in each of our human cells.

If each of our cells isn’t working properly and efficiently, people will get the diseases associated with poor lifestyle choices, such as many of the cancers we see today associated with poor nutritional intake and excessive weight gains like breast, ovarian, prostate, and colon cancers.

Peptides available at the Sand Institute improve metabolic enzymatic pathways that allow the cell to:

  • Become more efficient by “cleaning house”
    • A cell must get rid of all the junk it accumulates for diseases to be prevented and treated
  • Improve DNA repair by tightening telomeres
  • Improve NAD+/NADPH and thus cellular “redox potential” to combat oxygen and nitric free radicals
  • And many other enzymatic processes

Cellular medicine encompasses the use of peptide therapies—combined with lifestyle interventions—to prevent and treat ALL diseases like cancer, atherosclerosis, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, neurodegenerative disease, and even anxiety and depression.

Cellular medicine may also slow the aging process while improving cellular function, which is essential in treating ALL diseases. As we age chronologically and adopt unhealthy lifestyles, people become susceptible to many diseases because the human immune system isn’t functioning efficiently.

Diseases occur because the cell “ages” and can’t “cycle” itself efficiently due to cellular chemical imbalances, which cause cellular inefficiencies that ultimately contribute to weight gain, obesity, heart disease, and many more ailments.

A simple peptide program with those lifestyle interventions will always improve the cellular inefficiencies that exist in all human diseases. 

A simple peptide program individualized to each of our patients’ metabolic architecture goes a long way in preventing diseases. It’s always better to PREVENT a disease than to treat it.

Here at the Sand Institute, Dr. Sand is a world expert on lifestyle interventions. Dr. Villarreal is a world expert using peptide therapies and understanding those biochemical, cellular enzymatic pathways that repair cellular inefficiencies/damage and ultimately treat many diseases.

Dr. Villarreal and Dr. Sand practice precision medicine as all their peptide programs and lifestyle interventions are created for each of their patients, considering their patients’ goals by improving their patients’ cellular inefficiencies.

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