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TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Why is lean muscle mass important for a healthy and efficient metabolism?

Posted May 13, 2019

When men age they lose muscle mass and in place of muscle men will accumulate their fat mass over their abdomen and this fat accumulation is referred to as visceral fat. Visceral fat is responsible for the ongoing chronic inflammation responsible for all disease processes, including diabetes type-2, atherosclerotic vascular disease causing stroke, heart attacks, […]

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TRT testosterone replacement therapy combined with the use of a GHRH Peptide ( growth hormone releasing hormone ) secreatogue in men with Secondary Hypogonadism

Posted April 23, 2019

Men who have low levels of blood testosterone and who are overweight and want to build muscle mass will improve their lean body mass and bone mineral density.  The combination of TRT with growth hormone peptide therapies at the Sand Institute provides the following benefits: Improved skeletal muscle mass, improved bone mineral density and reduced […]

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Benefits of (TRT) Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Posted April 11, 2019

TRT is highly beneficial for those men of all ages who suffer from secondary hypogonadism. While under the care of a physician who follows multiple TRT-guidelines, TRT is both safe and highly advantageous for those men who suffer from low total testosterone blood levels due to secondary hypogonadism. The benefits of TRT to a normal […]

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