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Why Is the Peptide Tesamorelin Useful?

Posted on: March 19, 2021 in Category: Peptide Therapy, Peptides

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The Peptide Tesamorelin (Egrifta) is highly successful at reducing abdominal fat accumulation (referred to as visceral adiposity) while preserving lean muscle mass and the metabolic IGF-1 feed-back loop.

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Tesamorelin is a synthetic GHRH approved by the FDA to treat lipodystrophy. It is a natural GHRH analog, and its side effects are minimal because it’s similar in structure to the GHRH your brain produces.

GHRH (growth hormone-releasing hormone) is a peptide released from the anterior pituitary into the hypothalamus, which instructs the somatotroph (that cell that creates human growth hormone) to release growth hormone into the body, where it carries out a multitude of essential metabolic and cellular functions.

Growth hormone is the single most important hormone the brain creates and releases. It is used to REPAIR and REJUVENATE every cell in the human body. It is a remarkable hormone and has been clinically shown to slow the aging process by reducing the presence of senescent cells while improving cellular efficiency in both the brain and periphery.

Bodybuilders use synthetic growth hormones with steroids to build muscle mass. These growth hormone levels are supraphysiologic and are harmful to every cell in the body. Tesamorelin does NOT produce supraphysiologic levels of IGF-1. 

Tesamorelin is a GHRH synthetic “peptide” of human physiologic GHRH. The FDA approved Tesamorelin in 2010 after an exhaustive number of highly successful clinical trials in AIDS patients with lipodystrophy. Tesamorelin reduced patients’ visceral fat mass by as much as 20 percent while preserving BOTH ( as BMI didn’t change ) lean muscle mass AND subcutaneous fat.

Tesamorelin is highly efficient at eliminating “belly fat.”

Tesamorelin is highly efficient at breaking down abdominal fat mass. It biochemically upregulates beta-fatty acid oxidation, particularly in the fasted state. It’s highly successful for the following reasons:

  • Reducing elevated triglycerides
  • Raising low HDL levels
  • Reducing arterial wall intimal thickening to improve arterial blood flow and heart function while lowering blood pressure
  • Reduces the cellular inflammation (by promoting efficient oxidative phosphorylation) that comes from the oxygen-free radicals produced within the mitochondrial electron transport chain
  • And reducing atherosclerosis and atherogenesis—it is very effective in improving cardiovascular function

Tesamorelin is a potent weight-loss peptide.

It has been extensively studied in immunocompromised AIDS patients, and many of these patients have been on it for years without complications.

All weight-loss diets, caloric restriction programs, and meal-replacement products aren’t successful in maintaining weight loss beyond three to six months. Tesamorelin, on the other hand, is a metabolic messenger working INTRACELLULARLY by promoting:

  • The activation of beta-fatty acid oxidation
  • Cellular efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation
  • Activating PGC-1 alpha to turn-on mitochondria biogenesis 
  • Activating NRF-1 and NRF-2 to upregulate NAD+ production and DNA transcription
  • And repairs both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA breaks and substitutions.

The power of cellular medicine and Tesamorelin is remarkable. To achieve your weight loss goals, each of your cells need to repair themselves and need to work more efficiently. 

The human cell is a remarkable engine! It possesses the intelligence and metabolic ability to adapt to its environment when allowed to do so. Unfortunately, “diets” and meal replacement products (Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Optifast) don’t address the root cause of being overweight or obese.

The cells in overweight people aren’t working properly, and until they do, weight loss won’t be maintained for very long. As with all diseases, it’s the altered cellular metabolism taking place within each cell that needs to be “fixed” for all the ailments and diseases to be prevented and cured.

How cells fix themselves ( and they have the intelligence to do so ) is the field of Cellular and Metabolic Medicine. 

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