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Body Builders: Build Muscle Mass With Peptide Protocols Designed Exclusively for You at the Sand Institute

Posted on: November 06, 2019 in Category: Peptides

At the Sand Institute, all our clients are under the direct supervision of Dr. Villarreal and Dr. Sand. They are experts in the field of muscle metabolism, metabolic fidelity, mitochondrial biogenesis, and gluco-regulatory control each body builder needs in order to maximize their muscle growth.
Muscle-building peptides and SARMS (androgen modulators), when used properly, are predictably powerful tools to not only build muscle mass but to also assist in “cutting” to provide a muscular, “ripped,” and “lean bulk” physique in both men and women.
Social media authors and supplement advertisers and manufacturers claim to know how to build and cut muscle mass, particularly by utilizing SARMS and specifically by stacking them for added effect. At the Sand Institute, we help our clients cut through the misleading verbiage and advertising claims that often are incorrect and not specific for your unique metabolism.
SARMS aren’t benign. They do possess side effects, which may be harmful to a body builder’s health and longevity, regardless of whether you are a female or male body builder. So, stop by the Sand Institute to learn more about SARMS and how they may or may not fit into your muscle-building program. We are physicians focused on your health and longevity, and we will provide you with straight answers to your many questions.
Peptides and supplements purchased over the Internet are highly unpredictable in their claims and purported content. At the Sand Institute, your care is under the guidance of physicians who only work with reputable, FDA-approved compounding pharmacies that provide peptides that are 98% pure and compounded in facilities that meet strict sterile hygienic protocols.
Many of our clients at the Sand Institute are either professional athletes currently competing or recreational athletes who are highly motivated to achieve their personal best. Our body builders aim to achieve their personal best safely and predictably with our Sand Institute muscle-building peptides and protocols.
Muscle-building peptides at the Sand Institute are growth hormone secretagogues that increase your own growth hormone secretion. Dr. Villarreal and Dr. Sand believe increasing your own endogenous growth hormone secretion with peptides, some ligands, and profound nutritional support is highly effective in promoting muscle growth to a competition-level physique all while optimizing your health and longevity.
Selective androgen modulators (SARMS) are “ligands.” They are not “legal steroids” or “legal steroid alternatives.” They are designed to act just like testosterone and many other “androgens” with many profound effects on your metabolism and hormonal balances. Testosterone is highly effective in stimulating muscle growth with the right nutritional support, the right actin-myosin muscle tension, and the right resistance muscular loads during “complex” muscular contractions.
SARMS purchased over the Internet are risky. Often, the ligands in fact aren’t SARMS. SARMS should only be used under the right hormonal metabolic circumstances. On the Internet, they are often “stacked” in order to achieve “best” results. SARMS are experimental ligands used in research. Many claims made on the Internet are incorrect. SARMS are not risk free despite early evidenced research.
Stop by the Sand Institute to learn more about these remarkable ligands before you consider using them in your muscle-building program to either “cut “ or to “lean bulk.”
Dr. Villarreal and Dr. Sand will provide you with a nutritional road map with each of the peptides you employ to maximize your muscular performance and endurance.

Muscle-Building Peptides and Ligand Protocols at the Sand Institute

Bulk-Building Peptides:

  • GW 677 + cjc Stack
  • Tesmorelin + Ipamorelin Stack
  • Cjc + Ipamorelin Stack
GW 677 is associated with exceptional muscle growth. It is a growth hormone secretagogue. Tesmorelin is also a growth hormone secretagogue with remarkable muscle building potential. Tesmorelin is used often for muscular “cutting” for a lean “ripped” physique.

Cutting Phase Protocols:

  • Tesmorelin + Ipamorelin Stack
  • Tesmorelin combined with Ipamorelin preserves your muscle mass as you begin to “cut.” Tesmorelin is highly predictable.
  • Cjc + Ipamorelin Stack
Ligandro SARMS/Stenabolic SARMS: please keep in mind not all body builders, endurance athletes, and competitive athletes are candidates for SARMS.

Tesofensine While Cutting for Appetite and Mood

Tesofensine is a remarkable serotonin-noradrenaline-dopamine re-uptake inhibitor with an amazing capacity to reduce appetite typically acquired during the bulking phase so the bodybuilder may “cut” judiciously without losing to much muscle mass.
Repair Peptides: Repair inflamed, torn muscle quickly and in a balanced manner, preserving your hard earned muscle mass. BPC 157 is a highly unique repairing peptide at repairing ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone, and joints.
Thymosin Beta 4 is highly efficacious in repairing muscle and ligaments because of its ability to reduce inflammation.
PEG MGF: Mechano-growth factor is an outstanding peptide used to repair muscle. Often, it may be injected intramuscularly into the quadriceps muscles following heavy compounded squat days. MGF should only be used sparingly. Some body builders aren’t candidates for MGF. When MGF In injected into muscle, muscle cells repair themselves rapidly.

Improve Focus, Physical Agility, Mental Concentration, and Reaction Times

Selank and Semax are two unique peptides to improve your focus, agility, strength, endurance, and quickness.
Selank: Is a powerful anxiolytic and found to be in some studies as efficacious as benzodiazepines. It has no sedative or negative cognition side effects and no addiction or withdrawal complications. Even when anxiety is transient and unpredictable, patients remain calm and reserved. This will improve the athletes agility and spontaneous reaction times.
Selank stabilizes enkephalins while binding to GABA receptors. Learning becomes easier. Mental clarity improves.
Semax: Is a nootropic, neuroprotective and neurorestorative peptide. It improves cognition, learning, and memory. An athlete’s ability to focus improves dramatically. It possesses a calming effect. It’s known to regenerate the hippocampus and, thus, may be helpful with treating depression with its calming attributes.
Cerebrolysin: A cocktail injected over a trigger point site. Typically responding within 24 hours. Pain fibers become inflamed while secreting cytokines. This activates the immune system which potentiates the possibilities of acquiring a chronic pain going forward. Cerebrolysin blocks this neuro-immune pathway from becoming activated. Cerebrolysin also curtails the neuro-degenerative processes contributing to vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Immune Modulator

Thymosin alpha 1: Many endurance athletes train many hours while running many miles, particularly before marathons and ultra-distance competitions. This type of training is highly stressful, diminishing an athlete’s immune system. Thymosin Alpha 1 emboldens the innate immune system so you may perform your best during long distance endurance races.

Mitochondrial Endurance Peptides for Body Builders, Endurance Athletes, and All-Around Athletes, Such as Marathoners, Mountain Climbing, Cycling, Rowing, Football, and Basketball

Stenabolic with Cardarine:
Cardarine (GW 1516) Is a PPARdelta activator: It’s known to enhance endurance by activating beta oxidation of fat cells in the mitochondrion. Utilizing beta oxidation as an energy source is highly efficient, and athletes feel their endurance improves dramatically. Either as a bodybuilder or endurance runner. It’s not a SARM. While improving endurance and promoting fat loss, muscle is preserved. Cardiovascular performance is also dramatically improved.
A side effect of utilizing Cardarine is its association of cancer growth in mice. It’s highly controversial. Here at the Sand Institute, we will share the scientific literature with you so you may make an informed decision about using Cardarine for improving muscular endurance.
Cardarine is recognized by WADA as a sports-enhancing drug. Regardless of the risks, many amateur endurance athletes do employ Cardarine in their competitive endeavors. Here at the Sand Institute, we may share with you how other athletes incorporate Cardarine in their training and competitive endeavors to improve their endurance.
You will read on social media about the benefits of utilizing stenabolic (SR9009), which is a SARM combined with the use of Cardarine. Here at the Sand Institute, we may share with you how many athletes incorporate SR 9009 in their training routines.
Is a unique mitochondrial 16 amino acid peptide that activates AMPK protein kinase in the mitochondrion, the “powerhouse” of the cell. It prevents age-induced insulin resistance, diet-induced obesity, and may ameliorate type 2 diabetes. It was discovered in 2015 at the USC School of Medicine and at the Geffen UCLA School of Medicine.
Its actions are unique; basically counteracting the metabolism that comes with consuming a high fat diet. By being an AMPK kinase activator, it mimics the effects of exercise without having to actually exercise!
There are many ligands on social media purporting to “mimic” the benefits of exercise without having to actually exercise. This happens to currently be an intensely researched area of metabolism; just think, get the tremendous benefits of exercise without ever having to lift a weight or run a single mile!
MOTS-C has many advantages found in a single peptide. It improves endurance and muscular performance while promoting muscular growth and losing visceral fat mass.
PEP-CK Peptide. A very interesting peptide some athletes employ to improve their endurance.
Ketone Esters as a fuel source. Here at the Sand Institute, we will share with you the benefits of utilizing ketone esters as a fuel/substrate supplement to improve your metabolic endurance and muscular performance.

Marathoners and Ultra Distance Runners

Improve your personal times. Improve your competitive advantage with the right peptides and supplements:
  • Cardarine
  • MOTS-c
  • Stenabolic
  • Ketone esters
  • BPC 157 Tendons, ligaments, joints
  • TB4
  • TA1
  • Sodium Bicarbonate with Creatine
Glutamate Supplementation/Gut Microbiome:
The gut microbiome utilizes glutamate, glutamine, aspartate, glycine and arginine for enterocyte health and metabolism, which will activate enterocye glutathione to protect your enterocyes from stress-induced “leaky gut” syndrome. There are many amines essential for gut health. Your gut health depends on those microbes that inhabit your colon. Your muscular endurance and muscular strength as well as your metabolic fidelity are determined by the inhabitants of your small and large bowel. Stop by the Institute to learn more about your gut health, leaky gut syndrome, your risk for arthritis, and how your gut determines, in many respects, your cardiovascular health and mental functioning via the “gut brain connection.”
Melanotan/Body Builders:
Establish a tanning base with the peptide melanotan to augment your muscular contours prior to painting and competition.
Ketone Esters:
Beta hydroxybutyrate is a ketone body fueling your muscles to contract in a highly efficient manner, giving you extra energy to support your muscular performance.
Sodium Bicarbonate plus Creatine:
The combination of sodium bicarbonate and creatine has shown to improve muscular performance and athleticism. By consuming sodium bicarbonate prior to working out or competing, regardless of the sport you participate in, will keep your muscles from becoming acidotic. Too much lactic acidosis building up intracellularly will reduce your physical performance and mental sharpness, thus limiting your reaction times. Redox potentials are important in augmenting your muscular performance. Sodium bicarbonate improves your muscles’ redox potentials, giving you greater stamina.
Growth hormone secretagogues also help in reducing intracellular acidosis by improving mitochondrial energy production. The electron transport chain (where intracellular energy is produced) is highly sensitive to the effects of your own growth hormone in augmenting PGC-1alpha. Ketone bodies are produced from the beta oxidation of free fatty acids in the presence of low carbohydrate dietary substrate to fuel your muscular performance.
Here at the Sand Institute, our athletes have benefited form our peptide protocols and nutritional support protocols to build muscle mass while improving their metabolic balance, hormonal integrity, circadian rhythms improve their strength, and endurance in order to reach and exceed their physical and mental goals.

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