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Weight Loss Program using Peptides

Posted on: October 30, 2019 in Category: Peptide Therapy

Tell me about your Peptide Weight Loss Program at the Sand Institute?
At the Sand Institute our weight loss programs utilize a multi-modal approach to weight loss and one which is specifically designed for each of our patients.
There are a handful of peptides available for weight loss and the one chosen for you will depend on your current weight (body fat percentage), your unique metabolic rate, your caloric intake, your nutritional status, your level
of physical activity, your sleep-wake cycle and your co-morbidities, like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia.
All of our weight loss programs include a lifestyle intervention focused on your nutritional status, caloric intake, type and amount of macros you consume, and if you “time restrict“ your feedings while participating in both aerobic and resistance training patterns throughout the week.
At the Sand Institute, you will not only lose fat, you will also gain lean skeletal muscle mass to replace the lost fat mass while on peptide therapy. The greater skeletal muscle mass you possess, the greater gluco-regulatory control your metabolism possesses to keep you healthy, lean and disease free.
The weight loss peptides, “ligands” and hormonal replacement therapies available and used with success at the Sand Institute include the following;

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Testosterone replacement therapy for those who are hypogonadal. Including women.
Growth Hormone replacement therapy for those who are growth hormone deficient.

Peptide Therapy:

Tesmorelin, for “cutting” your lean bulk muscle mass
cjc 1295
MK 677, to build a lean bulk body mass
BPC 157, to activate muscle repair
PEG MGF, for muscle regeneration
AOD 9604, for fat loss
MOTS-C, for fat loss by augmenting mitochondrial function
Ipamorelin, to reduce somatostatin release
Tesofensine, for appetite control
Selank and Semax, for mental clarity and quick reaction times
Thymosin Beta 4, to reduce inflammation caused by the Adipocytes
Thymosin Alpha 1, to augment your innate immune system to protect your health and metabolism
DSIP, to augment your sleep awake cycle

Ligand Therapy: SARMS

Dr Villarreal manages the use of SARMS. Not all patients are a candidate for a SARMS ligand.
SARMS when combined with a GH Secretagogue provide a very valuable tool to lose weight while building muscle mass.  SARMS should only be used under the direction of a physician. They aren’t “legal” steroids. They “do” posses the potential for side effects.
LGD 4033,
SR 9009,
Cardarine, to augment mitochondrial electron transport chain

Meal Replacement Plans:

Meal replacement products while on peptide therapy make it easier to control your macros and thus shift your metabolism in a multitude of different directions. The state of your current metabolism is highly important in deciding which peptides to employ for your specific metabolism and body fat percentage.
Prolon, Fasting Mimicking Diet
Optifast, supplementation with low CHO and high protein content
Meal plans created by Dr Sand, the Founder of the Sand Institute
It’s always easier to lose abdominal fat mass (20-40 pounds) when your caloric intake is scheduled, your hormonal balance is optimized, your feeding patterns match your metabolism, your macros support lean bulk and cutting, your exercising on a consistent basis and you are employing peptide therapy to assist your lifestyle interventions while consuming a low calorie highly nutritious diet.
Peptides augment a metabolic fidelity that promotes fat loss while building muscle mass to reach your specific goals. These peptides when combined with lifestyle interventions provide a valuable asset in achieving your individual goals.
Dr Villarreal meets with each patient prior to initiating peptide therapy. At the Sand Institute our patients achieve remarkable results when peptide therapies are combined with lifestyle interventions.
We look forward to assisting you with your goals.
Brandon Lucas Villarreal, MD, Inc
Nancy Sand, MD
The Sand Institute
Los Angeles, California

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