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IV Drip for Anti-Aging, Wellness

Posted on: September 28, 2016 in Category: Wellness Guide

IV Drip for Anti-Aging, Wellness

iv drip for anti aging wellnessIt is incredibly difficult to get your ideal nutrient intake through diet alone. This is especially true if you follow any aspect of the standard American diet. Fast food menus are pretty much completely devoid of any nutritional benefit. Go-to home dinners are typically filled with pre-packaged and processed foods, and even items prepared from scratch are not too often loaded with the necessary nutrients to make up for a proper daily supply.

But nutrients are necessary for healthy skin, for a healthy weight, and for a healthy mind. This is why nutritional support has become a staple in many anti-aging programs.

Nutrients are talked about frequently when you start a medical weight loss program. During a weight loss program your doctor will talk to you about ways that you can cut calories while maximizing nutrient intake, and may even help you find a supplement that works for your needs. But proper nutrient intake isn’t something that should only be thought about when you are actively trying to lose weight. The amount of vitamins and nutrients you are getting is something that you should be conscious of every single day. This is especially true if you are starting an anti-aging program and are hoping for any positive results.

Vitamin therapy is a great support resource during anti-aging programs because it provides a resource for achieving nutritional balance, which supports ideal mental health and clarity while improving personal health and mood.

Where you diet falls short, IV drip vitamin therapy can step in to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The most common form of IV drip therapy is called the Myers’ Cocktail. This is a combination of all the most necessary nutrients that the body needs daily, all mixed together and compiled in an IV bag that can be administered through a standard drip.

The Myers’ Cocktail includes:

  • Vitamin B-5
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin C
  • Any additional vitamins and nutrients that are considered necessary

IV therapy can be customized to individual needs, helping to combat vitamin deficiencies and insure that all nutritional needs are being properly met.

Nutrition is important to anti-aging, and IV therapy can help you achieve an ideal nutrient level that supports a healthy and active lifestyle. Talk to your anti-aging doctor to learn more about the benefits of IV therapy. For many people, a nutritional boost through IV drip therapy just once a week is enough to provide noticeable difference in anti-aging efforts.

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