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TRT testosterone replacement therapy combined with the use of a GHRH Peptide ( growth hormone releasing hormone ) secreatogue in men with Secondary Hypogonadism

Posted on: April 23, 2019 in Category: TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men who have low levels of blood testosterone and who are overweight and want to build muscle mass will improve their lean body mass and bone mineral density.  The combination of TRT with growth hormone peptide therapies at the Sand Institute provides the following benefits:
  • Improved skeletal muscle mass, improved bone mineral density and reduced fractures
  • Improved muscular strength and performance
  • Improved lipolysis, reduced lipogenesis
  • Weight loss particularly around the waist ( visceral fat)
  • Improved mitochondrial biogenesis, reduced inflammation and oxidation
  • Improved optimal cellular metabolism
  • Reduced incidence of atherosclerotic disease
  • Reduced incidence of metabolic syndrome
  • Improved hypertension management and dyslipidemia
  • Improved insulin sensitivity and a reduction in hyperglycemia and blood insulin levels
  • Greater delta sleep
  • Improved memory, less anxiety
  • Greater emotional strength and self-confidence
  • Improved libido and improved erectile dysfunction
  • Improved physical health and a reduction in all cause mortality
  • Independent longevity
handsome middle aged man in sports uniform is looking upward and smiling-img-blogTRT Replacement incorporating specific clinical guidelines by the American Urological Society and the Endocrine Society have been shown to be both safe and highly beneficial. The use of growth hormone peptides by the International Peptide Society have been shown to be safe and highly beneficial.
At the Sand Institute, TRT and the application of GHRH peptides is always accompanied by lifestyle interventions which include:
  • Nutritional support guidelines
  • Diet and caloric management protocols
  • Stress reduction program/ lower cortisol
  • Improved thyroid function
  • Improved IGF-1 secretion to rejuvenate tissue and stem cells and reduce neuro-inflammation
  • Improved delta sleep
  • Resistance training techniques to build muscle mass and improve bone mineral density
  • Aerobic training techniques to optimize metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis

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