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Why is lean muscle mass important for a healthy and efficient metabolism?

Posted on: May 13, 2019 in Category: TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When men age they lose muscle mass and in place of muscle men will accumulate their fat mass over their abdomen and this fat accumulation is referred to as visceral fat.
Visceral fat is responsible for the ongoing chronic inflammation responsible for all disease processes, including diabetes type-2, atherosclerotic vascular disease causing stroke, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction, which occurs in 40% of all men at forty years of age is a marker for chronic illnesses attributed to atherosclerotic vascular diseases, like heart attack, stroke, dementia, depression, anxiety, prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes to name just a few of the diseases associated with excessive cellular inflammation, oxidation and senescence.
With lifestyle interventions which include nutritional support, diet management, appetite enhancing strategies, weight loss strategies and utilizing both aerobic and resistance training combined with growth hormone secreting peptides (cjc 1295, ipamorelin) lean muscle mass will grow.
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Lean muscle mass optimizes cellular metabolism.  When cellular metabolism is optimized and highly efficient, abdominal fat mass undergoes beta-oxidation and weight loss occurs over two to six weeks. Optimizing metabolism not only contributes to weight loss, but also prevents cellular senescence and cellular oxidation which happen to be the root cause of most all diseases associated with poor nutrition, the metabolic syndrome and obesity.
For those men who are hypogonadal with low testosterone, combining growth hormone secreting peptides (GHRH,GHRP) with TRT-testosterone replacement therapy, not only builds muscle mass, but also promotes lipolysis of visceral fat depots.
The combination of growth hormone peptides with TRT synergistically optimizes cellular repair by maximizing beta-oxidation, up regulating mitochondrial biogenesis, enhancing cellular redox potential and promoting efficiency of the electron transport chain to synthesize ATP that mTOR uses to repair all tissues of the body and prevent cellular senescence. In fact the chronicity of erectile dysfunction and many other diseases may be curtailed and even cured.

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