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How Does a MINT™ Thread Lift Differ From a Silhouette Soft® Lift?

Posted on: September 14, 2020 in Category: Thread Lift Procedure

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Aging is an inevitable process. The skin begins to lose elasticity, and facial tissues lose volume, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, jowls, and drooping cheeks. With advancements in technology, many non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures have been developed to safely and effectively restore youthful contours.

Women undergoing a thread lift with her cosmetic surgeon.

Thread lift technology is gaining popularity as an excellent skin lifting procedure that gives natural results with minimal downtime.

What Are the Differences Between the Silhouette Soft® Lift and PDO Thread Lifting?

This is a question that has been on thousands of aesthetic doctors and patients’ minds. How does a MINT™ PDO thread lift differ from the Silhouette Soft® Lift? Both procedures work to achieve one thing: facial re-tightening and collagen regeneration through sutures inserted into the skin.

The MINT™ thread lift technology represents a significant advancement in PDO suspensory thread technology. These threads are made of absorbable polydioxanone sutures with helical barbs that not only lift and secure the skin but also renew your skin at the cellular level.

The Silhouette Soft® Lift thread is made up of PLLA and uses absorbable sutures with tiny bi-directional cones to gently lift the facial tissues to a more youthful position. The cones on the threads help to anchor and lift the skin to its original position, hence affording better volume.

Despite being the new kid on the block, it should be noted that MINT™ lift offers the strongest lifting and pulling power when compared to other non-invasive thread lifts (including the Silhouette Soft® lift).

The molded barbs of MINT™ thread come in a variety of sutures and give a better lift in the face as well as in other parts of the body. This means that the procedure gives you more visible results, and, since PDO threads are gentler on the skin, you will be more comfortable. 

Additionally PDO threads stimulate collagen formation in the skin and this also results in tighter, younger looking skin. 

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for a Thread Lift Treatment?

The procedure is suitable for both men and women who seek to achieve immediate lifting of the face without undergoing surgery.

Thread lifts can be carried out on a variety of areas, including the:

  • Midface and cheek area
  • Lower face area and jawline
  • Eyebrow area
  • Neck area

MINT™ PDO thread lifts can also be extended to other parts of the body that tend to show significant sagging, such as the abdomen, thighs, knees, and buttocks.

What Can You Expect After Your Thread Lift?

Following a MINT™ lift procedure, patients can expect to experience minimal swelling, bruising, and pain, which should subside within two weeks. Unlike a traditional facelift, the treatment requires no downtime. You will see noticeable results immediately, which will last up to two years.

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