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How Many Carbs are Too Many Carbs?

Posted on: July 26, 2016 in Category: Wellness Guide

How Many Carbs are Too Many Carbs?

How Many Carbs are Too Many CarbsIf you spend enough time researching diet ideas online, you can find enough evidence to make just about any food group sound horrible. But there is one group of foods that stands out above the rest as having a truly bad reputation: carbohydrates. While it is never a good idea to follow the dietary advice of any random blog, there is a great deal of merit to the many negative reviews that you’ll find about carbohydrates. Speaking with a medical weight loss doctor can help you get the insight and clarification necessary to help you make the smartest dietary choices.

What’s the Problem with Carbs?

The standard American diet is full of sweets, sugars, processed wheat and flour. These carbohydrates not only deplete the nutrients essential to our cells, they also have an impact on our self-confidence, our capacity to reason, our tolerance for family and friends and on our mood.

When consumed in strict moderation carbs might not feel like they have that huge of an effect on your mind and body, but the problem is that carbs are absolutely everywhere. Breakfast includes cereals, muffins and sandwiches of all sorts, lunch includes more sandwiches, including those in the form of a sub or burger, dinner brings on a whole new array of carbs, from rice to dinner rolls, and if you have a close look at your snacking habits, chances are you’ll find carbs there too.

So when carbs take over your entire diet like this it becomes rather difficult to maintain your health. Before you know it you could be experiencing the weight gain, headaches and fatigue that come from carbohydrate toxicity. There are several ways that you can support your body and improve your health when this happens:

  • An IV infusion of nutrients, fluids, amino acids, vitamins and cofactors replenish these depleted stores of cellular nutrients and help restore your energy and feelings of optimal health so that you can focus on making improvements in your diet.
  • Reducing your carbohydrate intake can help you lose weight and improve your mental functioning, fatigue level and overall mood.
  • Working with an anti-aging and weight loss specialist and participating in a medical weight loss program can help you take control of your overall diet, in addition to any other environmental factors that may be contributing to feelings of fatigue, weight gain, and mood disruptions.

Before you make any changes to your diet, make sure that you take the time to talk with a medical weight loss doctor. Nutrients come from all sorts of different foods. The key to being healthy is eating a balanced diet. Your weight loss doctor can help you structure the ideal diet for your needs.

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