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Putting Fat Where it Counts

Posted on: August 31, 2016 in Category: Wellness Guide

Putting Fat Where it Counts

putting fat where it countsEveryone has some sort of problem area they just wish would go away. Maybe it is under your arms, or the outer thighs. These common problem areas will quickly become the bane of your existence. Despite a healthy diet, despite regular exercise, the fat persists. There is nothing more frustrating.

Or maybe there is.

For some people, the struggle with excess weight is compounded by the fact that while some areas are larger than they want, other areas just won’t gain weight at all. The areas where you want a little bit of curve, like the breasts and buttocks, are small and flat, but when it comes to the thighs, belly and arms there is plenty to spare. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take from one area and put it in another?

That is the basics of fat transferring; a newly popular form of cosmetic procedure that puts the fat that you already have to work for you, helping you to achieve the curves that you are looking for with what is already naturally yours.

Fat transferring is not the same as breast augmentation. The standard form of cosmetic surgery calls for silicone inserts that mimic natural body tissue. Fat transfer doesn’t use any artificial substitutes, but instead puts to work the fat that you already have in your body. This leads to natural looking results that both amplify the areas that you want extra support, while reducing the problematic areas that you are trying to reduce.

Who is Fat Transfer Ideal for?

Fat transfer is ideal for anyone who has problematic deposits of fat on the body, and want to reduce those areas while adding volume to other areas, such as the hips, breasts, butt, face or hands. The procedure is safe and long-lasting, and provides cosmetic support on both ends. Compared to other types of popular cosmetic procedures, fat transfer really does help you hit two birds with one stone.

You may want to consider fat transfer if you:

  • Have facial areas that would benefit from additional volume
  • Are looking for a more permanent solution than dermal fillers can provide
  • Wish to contour problematic areas of the body
  • Are looking for breast reconstruction

Fat transfer is growing in popularity thanks to the natural elements of the procedure, but it isn’t as quick of a fix as traditional dermal fillers or augmentation services. Unlike synthetic materials which are ready to go whenever, it takes time to prepare body fat for transfer, which means that this is a process that you have to commit some time to. The results however are generally perceived as worth the extra work and weight. For more information about fat transfer services, talk to your cosmetic surgeon.

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